Military, Prisons, Construction= A fast track to nowhere.

Make Agriculture More Accessible

Over 2 million people are incarcerated in the U.S..
Over 2 million people are serving the U.S. Military.
Over 11 million people are working in U.S. construction Jobs.

These three industries involve over $800 BILLION of spending each year.

What does this allocation of people and resources return to us, the citizens of earth?

On average,
Each year,
650 thousand people are released from prison.
200 thousand people finish their military service.
2 million construction workers experience unemployment.

This represents nearly 3 million people ready for meaningful work.
This represents nearly 3 million people who have experienced hardship and are now in desperate need of work that heals.


I want a little less money spent on locking people up, policing the world, and building structures.

I aspire to create more pathways for people out of these ‘industries’ into agriculture.

I believe that by making these opportunities available to these neglected populations, we give humanity a better shot at good food, good ecology, happy families, and great communities.

Connect the people who need good work with the work which most needs done.

(ps: 2.5 million was approximately the number of (European) people in the United States in 1776)

FoxMoon Values

Inspired by a visit to Casa Verde, in Colorado Springs, Colorado!


1- We make our decisions as equals, by consensus. We work to incorporate all members’ desires into our decisions.

2- We value the integrity of the earth. We plan, build, and live with attention to ecological sustainability. We conserve resources and recycle all that we can.

3- We value inclusiveness in matters of race, ethnicity, spirituality, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation.

4- We value trust. We are willing to trust each other and aspire to be trustworthy.

5- We value healthy lifestyles.

We keep our common areas free of harmful and/or illegal products including firearms, tobacco products and smoke.

6- We value conflict resolution that is nonviolent, positive, respectful, and fair to all.

8- We value kindness and respect in thought, word and action. We listen and strive to understand. We forgive mistakes.

9- We value a neighborhood environment that is safe at many levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We work to make our community a safe place where children and people of all ages are nurtured and protected.

10- We value fun and good food.

11- We value order. We strive to practice self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-responsibility.