Working With Horses

Horses represent a perfect analog of what life and this world is to me. So full of power and beauty_ horses, the world, life_ all this is so much bigger than us. Complex. Alive. Sensitive. So much potential for disaster. Crushed bones, terrible injury, heartbreak. But, with compassion, patience, structure, give and take… Listening to so much more than spoken words… There is the possibility that all that destructive force_ fear, violence, strength_ that all of that is embraced, digested, understood, and then transcended. Transcendence to a place of love, understanding, strength, and so much more. When you work through the danger wholeheartedly, courageously, compassionately… the separation between one and the horse/life/world dissolves. Two become one and everything becomes possible.Horses taught me this and Brene Brown gave me the words and data about this phenomenon.1380204_169780913225652_838432130_n

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