SOL Adventure Series

This is a post to introduce the concept of the SOL Adventure Series.

The SOL Adventure Series is a series of four playful and illustrated books which function as course material for a semester of Whole Human Development learning.

There is one book for each stage of education:

1) Sasquatchers is a book designed for elementary age students.

2) Mission to Mars is designed for middle school students.

3) Zombie Apocolypse Preppers is designed for high schoolers.

4) Escape from Supermax is designed for working adults and college students.

The books are designed in a way so they can be read in class rooms by teachers or at home by parents.

The idea is that readers can read one chapter a day, five days a week, for 16 weeks, and by the end of the ‘semester’ they have completed the book and the course material contained within the story.

The four books cover the same subjects through four different narratives. Each story covers over 160 subjects. The repetition and various narratives allow for an easy review of the material, four times over, without boring the student with wrote repetition. By the completion of the fourth book, most of the subject matter will be naturally internalized.

These four books are also designed to coincide with four different stages of human development.

1) Sasquatchers, designed for children, is a story that takes place within a safe supportive environment. In the story, children, with the guidance of some unusual teachers, go on a field expedition looking for Sasquatch.

2) Mission to Mars is designed for young teens. It reflects the nature of the early teen years: There is structure, in the form of the space agency that trains and plans the mission. But, similar to the separation young teens feel_ the characters and the readers are separated from that structure and forced to reestablish themselves and to create solutions when their structure can no longer help them.

3) In Zombie Apocolypse Preppers, the story resembles later teen years and the entrance into young adulthood. There is almost no structure or safety net within the story of ZAP. The characters within ZAP are often on their own, forced to redefine themselves and to reach a total self-sufficiency like never before in life. This is a metaphor for high school and the entrance into life as an autonomous human being.

4) In stark contrast to ZAP, Escape from Supermax is a story about characters completely confined within structure. The restrictions of prison are compared to the restrictions of college, employment, and adult life in general. The characters within the story escape from Supermax incarceration, therein providing a roadmap of escape for adults who are feeling oppressed by institutions or aspects within their life.


This is an incomplete introduction to these book concepts,

it is a huge and complex project,

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