Seeds for Prosperity

Don’t feel powerless.

The problems of the world may seem huge and overwhelming, but you should know that you as an individual can start something that will start reversing social and ecological deterioration in an exponential way.

Below you will find “Seeds for Prosperity”.

It is a road map which defines FoxMoon Haven. Within this list, you will find 16 businesses and projects which you can start today. Businesses and projects that can improve the world and inspire others to do the same.

The defining characteristic of all of these projects is that they are financially viable. That is to say: They are not charity endeavors. They do not require your personal poverty nor do they require fundraising or grant writing.

All of these projects are easily attainable for:

  1. An entrepreneur or investor (you?)
  2. A community (like a church, school, or town)
  3. An existing entity (a charity or business who can adopt some of these methods)
  4. A governmental body (suggest these projects to your local, state, and federal office holders)


Perhaps, most importantly, these projects and business all stand to be fun and fulfilling. Not only are they good for humanity and the environment, but they stand to be good for the spirit as well.

Good Luck! When you pick one, let us at FoxMoon Haven know. We will try to help you however we can, we have oceans of resources related to the endeavors listed below. FMH is devoted to the actulization of all these projects, wherever possible, whenever possible.


Seeds for Prosperity

A collection of

Programs and Businesses

designed to stimulate 

emotional, ecological, social, economic, cultural, and intellectual prosperity.

All ventures can grow from the basic infrastructure of a simple farm/ranch/homestead.

Although in a general order, the numbers are not critical.

But, some ventures require the development of others to achieve full capacity.

Intrinsically, this is organic, multilateral development, like a complete and lush ecosystem.

(hyperlinks connect to existing examples, more detail below.)

[1] A Farm/Ranch/Acreage/Space

[2] Autonomous Tech Contractors

[3] Recreation

[4] Hospitality/Hosting Space/Hostel

[5]Conservancy College

[6] Camp/Workshops

[7] Collaborative Stores/Community Centers

[8] Urban Community Center/Hostel

[9] Publishing and Production

[10] Animal Care

[11] Eco Transportation

[12] Peace Corps Alternative

[13] Rehab and Recovery

[14] Community and Cinema Cafes

[15] Monasteries/PeaceHomes

[16] Organizing Entity



[1/16] A Space. Ranch, Farm, Warehouse, etc

Nearly any basic space can expand in the following ways:

>Housing for residents and guests.

>A small simple lumber mill to process wood harvested and replanted with ecologically beneficial tactics.

>Grow enough vegetables, fungi, and fruits to feed all residents, employees, and neighbors year round, with a surplus to be sold at farmers markets and given to CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Coop.

>The beef calves can be organically raised and grass fed to an age of approximately 15 months so that they can be directly sold to consumers. Slaughter and distribution taking place in the fall, directly before the first snow of their second year.

Note: full utilization of all cattle products. Also: diverse meat options, such as jerky, and special occasion slaughter and catering.

>Raising and utilizing a small collection of every type of livestock possible:

Pigs, Chickens, Goats, Emu, Lama, Bison/Beefalo, etc.

>Cultivation of Herbs, Medicinal Plants, Tobacco, etc.

>Cultivation of Hemp and development of hemp products, from textiles to biofuel.

>The organized, humane training and sale of horses and other labor animals.

>The production and sale of “schwag”_ Promotional clothing, accessories and products.

>The production and sale of crafts and goods created by residents/employees/guests/etc.

>An apiary, with the sale of Honey, and bee by-products. Emphasis of developing bee population.

>Support of wildlife and ecosystem. Bats, deer, flora, etc. Aquatic Systems.

>Production of Biofuels. Ethanol, “Greasel”, etc.

>Attainment of total self-sufficiency. Localized production of all utilities necessary to sustain life, productivity, and joy.


>Attain the highest level of carbon neutrality possible. Theoretically: carbon negative (reclamation).

>Utilization of all byproducts: Bale string, tires, pallets, tin cans, oil, ash, etc.

>More certainly exist…



[2/16] CONSTRUCTION. A Team of Skilled Workers Who know how to install the tech for a home’s Autonomy (Self-Sufficiency)

Systems for:


Products and services to aid the widespread use of ecologically harmonious, self-sustaining, and cost-saving practices via:

>Energy consultations and analysis.

>Fundraising consultation to aid entities in adaptation. (grant application, customer support, etc.)


>Ethanol stills.

>Solar systems.

>Energy storage.

>Smart electric systems.

>Insulation/Thermal systems.

>Mechanical Retrofits/Upgrades. (Vehicles, appliances, etc.)

>Green houses.

>Water collection/Gray water/water conservation fixtures.

>Smart irrigation for private, business, public, and agricultural entities.

>Xeriscaping/Zeroscaping/Beneficial Landscaping.

>Recycling systems and services.

>Mall/Suburb Re-purposing_ Net Zero Communities



[3/16] Recreation

Engineered to accomplish 3 primary objectives:

*Incentivize health and intellect.

*To teach healthy/useful skills and habits to all, promoting self-esteem, confidence, civic duty, etc.

*To promote visitors. Stimulating the local economy, external interest, and cultural exchange.

Recreation may include the following:

>Zip lines

>A natural amphitheater for public use. Scheduled music, theater, lectures, etc.

>Bike/Jog/Horse trails

>Equipment rental.

>A motor park? (for 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, etc)

>Swimming Pool.

>Arts programs.


>Climbing. Trees. Cliffs. Climbing walls.

>Natural water slides and pools.

>All sports possible.

>Martial Arts.

>Equine sports.

>A Fitness trail with intermittent workout stations.

>An obstacle course.

>A Maze.

>Mountain boarding.

>Club promotion.

>Event hosting.

>Community programs and outreach.

>Hamster balls.

>Winter sports.



[Note: gaming via record boards, etc]

[4/16] A Hostel/Public house/ Shelter

Affordable lodging and programs for all forms of travelers and local guests.

Online=Air B&B. Couchsurfing. Etc.

>Camp grounds.

>Dry dock RV_ non-invasive RV hook ups.

>Micro-Cabin rental.

>Yurts, Tepees, Tree Spheres, Tree houses, and all assorted alternative lodging.(storage containers)

>Hill home lodging.

>A general store. Offering of delivered essentials. Water, firewood, food, meals, etc.

>Hunt hosting and guides.

>Themed/guided retreats.

>Pack trips of various lengths. Foot, horse, etc.

>Hygiene Shacks.

>Public bath/sauna.

>And so on…

[5/16] A Conservancy College (also functions as “Maker Space”)

The Financial Structure of this college may be its most important aspect: As long as an individual puts in the allotted time necessary to sustain the infrastructure of this college, they will be welcome to attend as many classes as they are able.

The Curriculum is a second noteworthy aspect: There is a clearly defined Curriculum, but students and teachers are encouraged to set up classes of their own on nearly any subject they wish.

The cornerstones are:

  1. Education and housing for anyone willing to work for it.
  2. An emphasis on sustainability, production, and the business acumen necessary to maintain practice and proliferation of these disciplines.
  3. An emphasis on “whole system” education, teaching all subjects within their relative context to all other subjects and how their understanding is not complete without consideration of the causality between Economics, Civics, Biology, Cognition, Ecology, Meteorology, Engineering, etc.
  4. Stringent Standards_ No certification will be given without demonstrated Competence and Comprehension in the area of certification.


A Curriculum built upon the following Subjects:

>Self Sustainability_The production and management of life sustaining amenities. Agriculture, Civil engineering, Animal skills, etc.

>Green Technology_ Implementation of environmentally harmonious practices. Specific training available for the founding of programs/businesses that solve problems.

>Business/Economics_Direct instruction on the creation and management of business.

>Teaching_ Programs based upon the innovations in cognitive research and proven methods with the highest yield in student progress.

>Kinesiology_ The whole human approach to health and wellness via diet, fitness, emotions, cognition, relationships, etc.

>Medical Skills_ Practice of preventive medicine, the care of aging individuals, and all other subjects to fill in the cracks that exist in the current healthcare system and ideology.

>Holistic Health_ Martial arts, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, etc.

>Music and the Arts

>Joy and Awe Proliferation_ A type of missionary program that teaches proven techniques to spread sustained well being and quality of life.


[6/16] Camps/Workshops

For concentrated purposeful excursions. These are double edged; to generate revenue and facilitate outreach.

The business model is based upon the principle that every paid participant pays for the participation of someone interested in participation but cannot afford involvement.

“For every pass you buy, you are buying a pass for someone in need”.

Some of the programs include:

>Mind Body Boot-camp_ a holistic fitness combine that places emphasis on emotional and intellectual conditioning in addition to physical conditioning.

>Rural Skills_ retreats for those who would like to learn about agriculture but are unable to dedicate an entire semester to on-site study. Especially important for “underprivileged” inner city individuals.

>Survival Training

>SpcOps_ training in disciplines taught in special forces training: weapons, strategy, infiltration, teamwork and coordination.

>Best Friend Time_ a multi-day outdoor seminar working with dogs and their human companions, while backpacking through wilderness.

>Horse Training_ a programs interested in the art, and a counseling program for those seeking alternative emotional therapy.

>Couples Retreats_ with infinite subcategories_  Considering Marriage, Marriage Distress, Parenting, etc.

>Parenting Retreats_also with infinite subcategories_ Mother Daughter, Father Son, Mother Son, Father Daughter, Single Parents, Adoptive Families, Repairing Rifts, Preparation for team endeavor, etc.

>PTSD_ Overcoming trauma, backpacking excursions for veterans and non-veterans alike.

>Traditional Living_ Weekends and weeks spent immersed practicing the traditional lifestyle.



[7/16] Collaborative Stores/Community Centers

An integration of old “world commerce” with “new world” distribution.

Based upon a website connecting all.

These locations, through the network do not only serve as conduits for commerce but also as community business incubators.

The goods and services are vended locally at the location, and promoted online through the website.

The idea is to train a local operator. This person can help provide artists/craftspeople with supplies, and once a good is made, the operator will will take pictures/videos and promote the items online.

These centers should also serve in the following capacities:

>Community gatherings.

>Community organization, planning, communication.

These centers should be prepared to expand to the following capacities if entrepreneurial locals demonstrate the interest and capacity:

>Ethanol/Greasel production and/or sale.



>etc… the goal of this project is: if a resident has the earnest desire to go into business, experimentally or long term, the local staff should be able to help them investigate and pursue that desire.

[8/16] Urban Community Center/Hostel (rewilding/abundance/hospitality)

A Hostel, Housing, and Cultural Center/Performance Venue. Connected to Rural efforts.


[9/16] Publishing and Production

For the publishing and production of media.







>Music/Performance Art

>Graphic Art



[10/16] Animal Care

Dependent upon the development of a comprehensive animal program,

a Veterinary Clinic and Animal Shelter should be built.


[11/16] Transportation

Developed from the already existing transit infrastructure in place for other Endeavors, a Human and Material Transportation venture should develop naturally.

The network will grow from local to regional to state to national transportation.

Fueled by renewable resources, the network should be multipurpose as often as possible, serving the needs of many entities and individuals.

Other aspects include:

>Themed trips.

>Sober Ride Programs.

>Small Air Services.


[12/16] Peace Corps Alternatives

Equipping people for outreach when and where necessary.


[13/16] Rehab and Recovery

Helping people find self worth and sobriety while teaching them food production skills.


[14/16] Community Cinema Cafes

Making community places for study, and the exchange of art and ideas.


[15/16] Monasteries/PeaceHomes

Places for people to find themselves, peace, divinity, purpose. Not a life commitment. Simply a space available for those who need it.


[16/16] An Organizing Entity

A central coordinating entity that manages and maintains synergy between all ventures. It facilitates cooperation and prevents unnecessary redundancy.

Its diverse functions are as follows:

>Financial Services– Loans, Grant Application, Financing, Grants, Scholarships, Accounting, Etc. for Ventures and Individuals.


>Purchase, allotment, and coordination of land, structures, equipment, and various assets.

>Organization and Promotion of events_ Races: Foot; Bike; Tri; Rally; Baha; Horse; etc.

>Program Proliferation

>Healthy Fast Food


*** You made it all the way to the end! Thanks for reading! What venture did you decide on? Is there something missing from this list that you think we should add? Let us know! Good Luck!***

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