A World Without. Part 1 of 6.

A World Without…


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This is the first part of a blog series that examines the fragility of the current world system.

Present ‘Developed World’ existence involves large rates of consumption with little to no production.

This series will review various reasons one should embark upon immediate and personal change instead of relying on activists and pioneers to make change happen.

This series will make these changes attainable_ you should not dismiss a sustainable life as something reserved for radical martyrs.

Hopefully, this series will clarify the differences between gestures and symbolic sustainabilityand Real Sustainability.


Symbolic Sustainability. You cannnot buy sustainibility. Greenwashing gives the illusion that you can pay others to live ethically for you. This is a lie. The only path to sustainability and ethical living is producing more than you consume.

Consumption must not exceed Production.

This is a physical law directly related to the Conservation of Energy.

To begin this series, everyone is encouraged to evaluate what they produce and what they consume.


Daily I produce this much:  

  1. Food______
  2. Fuel_______
  3. Electricity______
  4. Joy/Entertainment/Wellness_________


Daily I consume this much:

  1. Food_________
  2. Fuel__________
  3. Electricity______
  4. Joy/Entertainment/Wellness_________


Odds are you consume much more than you produce. Even if you work in the oil industry, agriculture, or electricity, your consumption rate probably exceeds your production rate.


I know! I know! You are probably aware of this! You are probably tired of feeling guilt.

You probably feel like you do the best you can…

Please. Don’t feel guilty.

Take this as an opportunity to do some math.

This math is shameless. It is not here to judge you. These numbers can be changed. On both sides of the equation.


Reduce Consumption


Increase Production


To immediately affect both sides of this equation are simple.

  1. Be involved in the production of food.
  2. Drive less. Use electricity less.
  3. Make your own electricity (solar).

With these 3 steps you suddenly begin to work towards balance in your personal production/consumption equation.


This blog series is a look into why it is important that every human begin a pursuit towards real productivity.

What is Real Productivity?

Real Productivity is the shift from labor for cash to labor for life.

Most people in the current system go to work in exchange for cash. The labor of most people is not involved in the production of a fundamental component of life.

Fundamental components of life are Food, Shelter (heat), Water. Although not mandatory, we will include internet, electricity, mobility, and wellness_ new fundamental components of 21st-century existence.


So, if your job, your labor, your work, does not produce Food, Shelter, Water, Internet, Electricity, Mobility, or Wellness.

Your job is not necessary.

Begin looking for a different job immediately.


Real Productivity means that you produce something that is needed.

The difference between want and need makes all the difference here.

Does your labor produce a Luxury or a Necessity?]

This question will be evaluated throughout this series.

This series does not aim to eliminate luxuries.

The aim is to encourage all people to embark on ‘Real Productivity’ which does not preclude luxuries.


This series would like to promote this idea:

With slight changes to education, perspective, and infrastructure, all people can be involved in producing fundamentals for life. This does not require giant changes in lifestyle.


To enhance understanding of this perspective. This blog series will look at

  1. A World Without Oil
  2. A World Without Food
  3. A World Without Money
  4. A World Without Government
  5. A World Without Electronics

This series is not an anarchist luddite treatise.

The goal here is to expose the fragility in the current system and to reveal the surprisingly simply steps out of the fragile and corrupt system towards more ethical sustainable lives.


Hope you enjoy,

FoxMoon Haven

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