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If you are interested in becoming a partner, intern, or volunteer, please fill out the following:

We are seeking 8 partners to join in the spring of 2016. Carpenters, Gatherers, Guides, and Equestrians!


Application Questions (hyperlink to google doc)


1) Describe your interest and motivation for working in a remote, rural, undeveloped environment?


2) What accomplishment or feat are you most proud of?


3) Describe a time you failed.  What lesson did you take from this experience?


4) Please, explain the ways in which you personally keep positive in challenging or sad situations.


5) If you made your own work schedule what would your week look like?


6) Do you work best with structured time or fluid time?


7) Are you comfortable with being alone? Describe your experience with this (Where, when, for what periods of time)?


8) If you have any, please describe experiences you’ve had living within a small group of people who were working together often?


9) What are your long-term farming, gardening, or wilderness skills goals?


10) In your own words, please describe the words self-sufficient and sustainable.


11) Please describe a situation where stress improved your performance. (Describe the kind of challenges you like).


12) How is your health? Do you have any physical restrictions, allergies, or medical problems that would affect or interfere with rigorous work?


13) Please describe the most physically demanding week of your life.


14) What are your monthly monetary needs? Do you have student loans, car payments, or insurance to cover? How would you plan to cover these?


15) Describe a time that you independently set a goal or objective and reached it.  Describe the process.


16) Please describe your business skills and desires, if you have any.


17) Please describe your involvement with any charity or community service.


18) Please describe any of your artistic skills or ambitions.


19) What are your recreational interests and hobbies?


20) Describe the recreational activities of your past week.


21) Please describe one of the most fun weeks of your life.

22) What do you like about yourself and what do you dislike about yourself?


23) What musician have you most recently been enjoying?


24) What book are you reading currently?